Monday, September 22, 2014

Akron Empire Favorites: Favorite Parks

Akron Empire Favorites 2014: Favorite Parks
by Joanna Wilson

We are rolling out the results of our poll each week through the rest of the Fall.  Thanks so much to everyone who shared their voices in selecting our favorite things in Akron.  To see the results of all the voting so far, be sure to click on the Akron Empire Favorites badge on the right hand side.

The winner for Favorite Park comes as no surprise.  1. Sand Run Metro Park

Located along Merriman Valley, Sand Run is one of the outstanding gems within the Metro Parks system.  Not only do visitors enjoy the Parkway Jogging Trail but Sand Run also offers several more rustic and challenging hiking trails.  It is also a popular destination because of the shelters, the soccer fields, ice skating, and my favorite, the drivable water crossing (ford).  Because of its wetlands, Sand Run also offers curious animals lovers the unique opportunity to witness the springtime salamander crossing.  Wouldn't THAT make a great post for Akron Empire in the future?

North Hill's Waters Park

Voters created a four-way tie for second place.  2. Canal Park, Cascade Valley Metro Park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and Waters Park.

We recently featured guest blogger Jenny Jones who shared her 5 Great Hikes in the Akron Area which included several in the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Our own Brit Charek wrote about her experiences at Canal Park two years ago (before they changed their team name to the Rubber Ducks).  But it's the same ball park and the same fun location for Akron residents to enjoy.  It's also great to see not just the Metro Parks appreciated in our Favorites poll but also a city park, namely Waters Park, which is located across from St. Thomas Hospital in North Hill.  Not only does Waters Park have public shuffleboard and tennis courts, but the top corner of the park offers some stunning views over the valley of downtown Akron!  Another reason Waters Park is an Akron Empire Favorite.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! Check back next week as we reveal more of your favorites.


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