Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Akron Empire Favorites 2014: Things to Do When it Snows

Akron Empire Favorites 2014: Favorite Things to Do When It Snows
by Joanna Wilson

Are you planning for a white Christmas?  I have my fingers crossed.  The snow, whenever it comes, will be here soon enough.  We asked out readers what are their favorites things do when it snows.  Here are the results:

The ice rink downtown at Lock 3.

1st place is a tie: Ice Skate at Lock 3/Read a Book

Clearly, some of you enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the benefits of the season while others look forward to avoiding the bitter cold and prefer to snuggle up and enrich their minds or escape the moment with a good read.  I love that the same number of people voted for both of these activities!

Joanna sledding at Cascade Valley's Oxbow area in North Akron.

2nd place: Sledding

This just so happens to be the activity I most look forward to enjoying when it snows.  I wrote a review last year about the best places in the Metro Parks to sled.  Click HERE to see that post again.

Boston Mills--photo courtesy of Krystal Sierra.

3rd place: Skiing at Boston Mills/Brandy Wine

Aren't we lucky to live so close to this ski complex?  Last winter, Akron Empire welcomed a guest blogger Krystal Sierra who shared her experiences at Boston Mills.  Click HERE to see what she wrote again.

Thanks again to everyone who voted.  Hopefully we'll have snow soon.

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