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2014's Most Popular Guest Posts

2014's Most Popular Guest Posts
by Joanna Wilson

Akron Empire has always been a way for Brit and I to interact with the greater-Akron community and this means including more voices than our own.  We usually split up the duties of working with guest bloggers.  That's why this is actually only part one in the list of most popular posts written by guest bloggers.  The below list reflects only the writers that worked with me--and later in the week, Brit will announce her list of top five posts of 2014 written by a guest blogger that worked with her.  It's not as complicated as it is to explain it.  We're happy to host a variety of voices about their favorite places, restaurants, bands, events, and experiences in the Empire.  For the complete list of links for past guest bloggers, click HERE.  Interested in guest blogging for us?  Please read the suggestions at this link, and follow the simple instructions.

If you missed last week's posts, Brit and I are looking back over last year's successes before moving on to work in the new year, 2015.  Click HERE to see the list of my most popular blog posts of 2014--and click HERE to see Brit's list of her most popular blog posts of 2014.  How many of these essays did you catch the first time around?

1.  New Store Opening: Birchwood and Pine 
Erica Scheutzow wrote an informative piece about a new brick-and-morter space for local artist Rachel Jernigan and other artists' wares in downtown Canton.  Canton might be slightly out of the Empire, but c'mon, we all go there!  Erica wrote for us several times last year--including an essay about her personal experiences when she was offered the rare opportunity to take a tour of the Goodyear blimp hangar.  Click HERE to read that again.

Ultrasphinx at Annabell's - Photo by Matt Stansberry

2.  Ultrasphinx Album Review
Dominic Caruso wrote about Akron rockers Ultrasphinx and their 2014 self-titled recording last March.  Who are your favorite music makers in the Empire?
Dominic, like Erica Scheutzow (above), guest blogged several times in 2014.  His other piece was a review of his experiences taking the terrarium workshop that was offered during Crafty Mart Summer Faire last July.  I can't wait until the next workshops offered through Crafty Mart.  There's so much to look forward to in 2015.

A fine looking group of people: the Towpath Turtles, Jim Klett 10k race, 2013.

3.  Towpath Turtles and The Ohio Runners Network
Runner and writer Stephani Itibrout shared about her favorite Akron running group the Towpath Turtles, an organization associated with The Ohio Runners Network (TORN).  Looking to join a running group?  Look these people up.  Thanks Stephani!

4.  Akron Art Prize 2014
I'm extremely pleased to see interest in the Akron Art Prize pushed this guest post written by Rob Lehr into one of the top spots of the year.  Which local artist did you vote for in 2014? 

How well do you thrift?

5.  Portage Trail Barn: 5 Steps from Thrift Store to Fashion
Re-purposing items into valuable goods isn't just what Mary Beth Filion does--she also runs a shop called Portage Trail Barn where others sell their handmade and refurbished materials as well.  She knows what she's talking about.  Check out her simple suggestions--and check out the Portage Trail Barn, located in Cuyahoga Falls.

Thanks to all our writers in 2014.  I'm hoping you'll share what you're passionate about with us in 2015 as well. 

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