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Modest Box: A Subscription Box Handmade in Ohio

Akron Empire is excited to welcome back guest blogger Erica Scheutzow, who has written for us quite regularly over the past few years-- most recently about local indie rockers By Light We Loom. When she is not sharing her favorite things about Akron with us, she runs a small business called As I Breathe I Hope, where she handmakes quirky original plush characters made from new and recycled fabrics. Check out AIBIH on Etsy and on Facebook.

Modest Box: a New Subscription Sensation
By: Erica Scheutzow

Subscription boxes are on the rise! While it’s not a new concept, they’ve grown ever popular in the past couple of years and it’s easy to see why. You can find just about any subject matter to suit you, at any price range and have the thrill of being completely surprised every month. I’m personally a big fan of various subscriptions such as LootCrate, a paradise of geeky goodness and Ipsy, a beauty mavens dream. These boxes are great and while they feature up and coming artists or off brand items, what about the artists in our own back yard?

Out of Columbus, Ohio, Andrea and Nate Archibald of Simply Vague started a new venture alongside their brick and mortar shop to bring you, Modest Box – a flexible, monthly subscription box that features various handmade goods from artisans around Ohio. They wanted to offer customers a chance to experience new products or give a taste of home to those who are no longer living in state all the while, promoting these artists and giving them the opportunity to expand their audience. They offer three different types of boxes – a small and large assortment, as well as a t-shirt box.

When the large assortment is selected you have the option to enter your gender (or the gender of the person you are purchasing for) so that the contents will be gender specific. You can expect to find a good mix of Ohio made food products, accessories, body products and/or art in each box. A large assortment box for a man might include things like Ohio-made barbeque sauce, Whiskey Stix, (pretzels with a whiskey glaze), Cliff Original body care products for men, a bottle opener from The Columbus Barrel Company – things like that, while a box for a woman might include an Ohio necklace from Red Giraffe Designs, or nail polish from the Columbus-based company James Robert John.

What can you expect to pay for these Ohio-centric subscription boxes? You have the ability to choose a one, three, six or twelve month subscription up front to receive discounts on the cost per box. The small assortment box costs $39.00 per month, the large assortment costs $89.00 per month, and the t-shirt box that ships two Ohio made t-shirts costs $56.00 ($8.00 flat rate shipping fee on each). The boxes ship on the second Monday of each month. I’d also like to mention that when you make a subscription purchase, you can enter a coupon code and have $5.00 donated to a non-profit charity!

The Archibalds are truly reaching new heights through this subscription box. They’re exceeding expectations by offering items that otherwise would go unseen and unexperienced by us consumers while promoting local artisans and giving back to their community. All more the reason to get involved in supporting this awesome venture.

If you’d like to know more about or make a purchase through Modest Box, please visit their website at:

If you’re an artist looking to have your items featured in the Modest Box, please email Andrea and Nate at:

MAKE YOUR PURCHASE MATTER: When you use any of the following coupon codes at checkout, the associated nonprofit organization will receive a $5.00 donation.

MIRACLE - Miracle for Madison & Friends
PELOTONIA - Pelotonia
FLIP - FLIP Cancer
PEACEFORPAWS - Peace for Paws Ohio
TBGG - Wexner Medical Center’s Movement Disorder Fund
CBUSDIAPERCO - The Columbus Diaper Coalition

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