Monday, March 2, 2015

The Devil Strip and its Kickstarter Campaign

The Devil Strip and its Kickstarter Campaign
by Joanna Wilson

For me, the most exciting thing developing in Akron these days is the new, twice monthly, arts & culture print magazine The Devil Strip.  The magazine hasn't gone to print yet--its first copy is scheduled for release later this month--on Tues March 17th.  However, The Devil Strip website has been up for several months already.  The guy behind The Devil Strip, Chris Horne, guest blogged for us last November with an Outsider's Guide to Akron.  Remember that?

The Devil Strip's intentions are to bring readers information about interesting things to do in Akron.  From the website, "We’re interested in what makes Akron unique. Its local creatives. The artists and musicians, the nonprofits and civic organizations, the entrepreneurs and tech community, the individuals. We like the people, places and things that are moving Akron forward. Pushing the envelop, coming up with new ideas and having fun."  We here at Akron Empire share the same goals and yet we know it's a challenge to keep up with it all.  So, additional efforts in Akron to connect its residents with the best in the arts and cultural community is a welcome movement!  I get inspired just thinking about it.  Aren't we all fortunate to live in a community like Akron that is so vibrant?

Chris' mock-up of the first print cover of the magazine--coming March 17th.

While we all hover over The Devil Strip website and test our individual patience for the arrival of March 17th, there is a way for everyone to get involved.  Chris is already hard at work planning for the distribution of the magazine.  The plan is to acquire old newspaper boxes and have local artists "Akron-ify" each one with their unique vision.  Then the boxes will be placed at various hot spots as well as the neighborhoods throughout Akron to reach as many readers as possible. Chris launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to buy used boxes as The Devil Strip's Campaign for Newspaper Box Awesomeness last week.  I wasn't surprised when he reached his goal within 24 hours!  It's a worthy and enticing civic art project.  However, the fundraiser campaign continues for another three weeks as Chris expands his goals to increase the number of boxes--from 15 to 41.  He's also increasing the number of local artists to be paid for their contributions to the boxes as public art installations.

How would you Akron-ify a newspaper box?  A call for artist submissions is coming soon.

Let's get the word out about The Devil Strip and the Akron-ified newspaper boxes soon to stand in our neighborhoods.  Check out The Kickstarter campaign details HERE--and share it with your civic-minded friends.  You've gotta watch Chris' video at Kickstarter at the least! 

You can also catch up with The Devil Strip website
follow The Devil Strip Facebook page
and/or follow on Twitter at @AkronDevilStrip.

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