Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Akron Better Block: North Hill Photo Essay

Akron Better Block: North Hill (May 15-17th) Aftermath Photo Essay
by guest blogger Svetla from Svetla Morrison Photography

The three day event Akron Better Block took place on the block of N. Main Street and E. Cuyahoga Falls Avenue from May 15-17 this year.  Not only was it a huge success, but it proved to really serve its purpose as a teaser for what our neighborhoods could look and feel like. The incredible amount of interest from the visitors and their expressed hope will turn this project into either a seasonal or reoccurring event.  It caught not only the attention of the organizers Tina and John Ughrin but also of a number of councilmen who came to North Hill that weekend and sparked a desire for a discussion about how could this idea be implemented in a more long-lasting way in our town. Team Better Block is collecting information through a short questionnaire about the changes we saw at the North Hill Better Block event and which are most desired to become permanent.  You can find the link to the questionnaire HERE.

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