Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Life: Body Piercing and Jewelry

Good Life Body Piercing and Jewelry in Highland Square
by Joanna Wilson

At the start of our blog three years ago, Akron Empire welcomed a guest writer named Laura Maidens who shared about her favorite neighborhood tattoo and piercing shop.  Today, I'd like to do a follow-up on Good Life which has grown to become a piercing-only business.

Good Life owner Jeremiah Currier and I have been friends for a few years--we initially met through mutual acquaintances--and we were able to spend some time together this Spring on the Akron2Pittsburgh trip. I hadn't been to the shop in Highland Square in a while, so Jeremiah invited me over to get a look at the recent remodel inside. The changes include an additional piercing room, carpet in the lobby area, and tower jewelry showcases. These expansion efforts give more of a boutique feel to the space.  The new piercing room also provides shortened wait times and more privacy to patrons. The expansion in jewelry now includes more than 100 options across styles and a range in prices to accommodate every budget.

Currier with patron.

"Piercers are changing the world," Jeremiah told me, reflecting his pride in earning his membership in the Association of Professional Piercers. The association is a community of piercers who value knowledge about their craft and advance the use of implant-quality jewelry in their work. Jeremiah explained to me that it is this professional community of piercers that are at the forefront of those advocating for safety and cleanliness standards, professionalism, and helping people express themselves through body piercings. Both Currier and Heather Weber, the other piercer at Good Life, belong to the Association of Professional Piercers.

Jeremiah convinced me that he truly loves the many opportunities he has with patrons (and the family of patrons) to discuss the value of self-expression and self-actualization for those getting pierced--as well as those just considering it. He says he's learned over the years that his skill in safe and speedy techniques are valued but sometimes people need to talk about how important it is to them to get pierced and to adorn themselves.  Both Jeremiah and Heather welcome these conversations and take this part of their work seriously.  As specialists in piercing, they encourage people to not feel intimidated and to make thoughtful decisions about their appearance.  While I haven't gotten pierced recently, I know several of my friends always come to Good Life.  Many thanks to Jeremiah for inviting me to Good Life to see the new changes to his shop and for the good conversation.

Looking for an excuse to stop by Good Life?  Jeremiah let me know that he is hosting a guest piercer later this month--Perry Doig from Rose Gold's in San Francisco.  Follow along with Good Life on Facebook or your favorite social media platform to keep up with their announcements.

Good Life is located at 752 W. Market Street (down the plaza from Two Turtles)
Phone #: (330) 374-0100

For more info, check out the website: http://GoodLifeAkron.com
Facebook: GoodLifeAkron
Twitter: @GoodLifeAkron
and Heather Weber's website: Heatherisapiercer.com


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