Monday, September 28, 2015

Akron Marathon 2015

Akron Marathon 2015 Photo Essay
by Joanna Wilson

I showed up at 6am before the race began and chalked some funny--and hopefully inspirational-- messages on the streets before the marathon last Saturday.  I also hung out and took some photos of the participants while cheering them on.  I was a Blue Line Party of one--but that means I was able to be mobile and cheered from several locations.  Congrats to all the runners--you are all winners.  Check out my photos and video.

High Street--a quarter mile from the start.

I also chalked on Broadway--just beyond the relay transition area (heading south).

Hey runners--anyone see these during the race?

I drove by these on Monday morning--they are already gone thanks to the rain.

Yes, it was still dark out at 6:30am. Waiting for the race to begin. I'm standing a quarter mile from the start.

That's the Akron Art Museum behind the runners--on High Street.

Action shot!

One block north and one block east--(Perkins and Broadway) watching the runners cross the Y-Bridge (All American Bridge) returning from North Hill.

Looking up Broadway--Quaker Square building in background. 

I returned to High Street--now on corner of High and Market. Waiting for runners to pass Art Museum a third time.

At High and Market looking east--runners on Broadway crossing Market.

Runners coming up High and turning down Market--heading west.

I can't wait for next year! 

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