Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015's Most Popular Guest Posts, Part 2

2015's Most Popular Guest Posts, Part 2
by Brit Charek

While you've probably finally broken the habit of writing the date as "2015", we over here at Akron Empire are still reflecting back on the past year while we share our most popular posts written by guest bloggers in 2015. Last week, Joanna shared her list and this week I'm revealing mine.

Guest blogger and food aficionado Wendy Voelker shares the blessing and curse of working across the street from this fine establishment, where patrons line up outside before the shop's 4:30am opening time to get the best selection of fresh donuts.

2. Aladdin's Eatery

Our second most popular post of 2015, about this Northeast Ohio-based chain of delicious Lebanese eateries, was also written by Wendy Voelker. We hope to see more delicious food posts from her in the future! 

3. This Band Could Be Your Life: By Light We Loom

This band profile, written by our good friend Erica Scheutzow, is about a husband and wife duo who rose from the ashes of their former project, Bethesda. You can explore the complete archives of our profiles of local musicians here.

Erica also wrote about Modest Box earlier in the year, a subscription service full of goodies from Ohio-based small businesses.

4. Waters Park and Chestnut Ridge Park

This post was written by Tessa Gaffney, and the photos were taken by Elise Gaffney. Not only do they take us through the history of the parks and the landmarks within them, but they share some exciting things that are currently being done with the land.

5. Akron Women In Tech

Newbie bloggers Rachel Krantz and Stephanie Baker walk us through the history of this Akron organization in order to celebrate their first anniversary.

Thanks so much to everyone who has guest blogged for Akron Empire! I've had such a pleasure getting to know and working with enthusiastic Akronites.

Didn't get enough? Check out my list from 2014.

Are you interested in blogging for us? Here are some tips to get started, and here is a complete list of all our posts written by guest bloggers.

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