Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015's Most Popular Guest Posts

2015's Most Popular Guest Posts
by Joanna Wilson

Last week I revisited the five most popular Akron Empire posts from 2015 that I wrote. Additionally, I'd like to acknowledge the top Akron Empire essays written by community members who guest blogged for us in 2015.  Remember the most popular guest written essays from 2014? Brit shared her list of most popular guest writers from 2014 too. (We usually split up the duties of working with guest bloggers.)

How many of the following 2015 essays did you catch the first time around? Click on the title to return to those original posts.

#3. City Hope's Annual Crestland Park Clean-Up Project
Community builder Jeremy D. Lile shared with us a review of the west side's Crestland Park revitalization efforts. I'm really impressed with this kind of work hard to improve the quality of life in Akron neighborhoods. The annual clean-up day is in April. If you're interested in joining the group and learning about how this sort of thing is accomplished, check out the links at the bottom of the original essay.  Thanks for sharing about this work,  Jeremy!

#2. North Hill Market Tour
Roza Maille wrote about a group tour visiting some of North Hill's most unique locations. Of course this essay was one of the most popular from last year--it was connected to several larger outstanding movements from last year, including Inside|Out and Better Block in North Hill. What transformative efforts those were! I'm excited to see Inside|Out continue in new neighborhoods this upcoming Spring and a new Better Block is being planned for Cuyahoga Falls' Front Street area.  I'm so excited for 2016!  Thanks for sharing your experiences in North Hill, Roza.

#1. Better Block: Photo Essay
As a review of the North Hill Better Block, Svetla of Svetla Morrison Photography provided us with a collection of photos that captured the weekend's activities. Sometime a photo is worth a thousand words--the collection speaks for itself.

 Please check out all of the photos again. And many thanks to photographer Svetla for sharing her work. As stated above, I'm looking forward to more Better Block experiments in 2016.

Interested in being a guest blogger in 2016? We're happy to host a variety of voices about their favorite places, restaurants, bands, events, and experiences in the Empire.  For the complete list of links for past guest bloggers, click HERE.  What are we looking for?  Please read the suggestions at this link, and follow the simple instructions. We look forward to heating from you. 


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