Monday, February 1, 2016

Rubber City Comics

Rubber City Comics
by Joanna Wilson

Downtown is coming alive with new businesses. Rubber City Comics opened Wednesday, January 27th on Mill Street (next to Sweet Mary's Bakery and across the Street from the John S. Knight Center). I dropped by last Wednesday and there was quite a bit of activity considering it was their first day open. So I stayed out of the way and took a few photos. Below is a brief introduction. Go and check the new place out for yourself! And then, get a cup of coffee and a cookie at Sweet Mary's.

Rubber City Comics offers a convenient free subscription service. You sign up with them and when a new issue is released, they'll pull and hold a copy for you. If you sign up for the subscription service, you can even get a discount! Several workers were busy pulling subscription copies off the shelves when I stepped in the store. To learn more, follow Rubber City Comics on Facebook.

A significant portion of the new store includes action figures and toys as well. I spent quite a while looking at the Star Wars merch. Apparently, Rubber City Comics was the former shop in Quaker Square. This new location should be more convenient--it's across from the Akron Main library.

Rubber City Comics is located at 74 E. Mill St. in downtown Akron.
Facebook link: Rubber City Comics
(330) 289-1821
Twitter link:

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